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Planting is akin to creating a living landscape.


If the cost-to-value ratio is balanced, landscaping is financially worthwhile. To be as certain as possible that you haven’t overspent and that you will recoup a sizable portion of your investment when you sell your home, this means spending up to about 10% of the value of your home on your garden ideas.

What Are The Main Components Of The Landscape?

  •  Mass
  •  Form
  •  Line 
  • Texture 
  •  Color

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Your goals and vision for your outdoor space will be carefully considered by our landscape designer, who will implement them down to the last detail. Our expertise, professionalism, and experience set us apart. We are committed to doing it correctly the first time and are passionate about what we do. Brookscapes is aware that just because the landscaping installation is finished doesn’t mean our work is finished.

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Creative trees And Landscape designers will work directly with you to select practically every aspect of your outdoor space, from patios, outdoor kitchens, and pools to fire pits, planting, and professional lighting. We can assist you in selecting colors, textures, and materials for all aspects of your outdoor living space, including pavers, rock, tile, boulders, flagstone, concrete, metal works, carpentry, stains, paints, and other materials.

Featured Works

The eye is drawn to landscape focal points, which help deflect attention from other parts of the yard. To add visual interest and guide the viewer’s eye through the landscape, there are several focal points.


Adam Johny


I have been living in my home for 15 years and for the first time am truly enjoying my backyard. Not only is the end result beautiful, but the professionalism in handling the job from step one is key. Bill promised perfect work and he delivered.

Billy John


Bill did a great job with design and layout. Really improved the value of the house by changing all the landscaping and really showing off the strengths of the house.

Octavio G.


I called for a irrigation leak I had discovered. Called Mr.Kevin and he was in the neighborhood and said he would stop by. He was on time and after I explained and showed him the job he said he could fix it right then and gave me a verbal estimate. Seemed high considering I had already done the digging and finding but I just wanted it taken care of. He fixed it in about 40 minutes. I’m glad it was fixed and was done quickly but wondering if I was overcharged.

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Excellence in landscaping, original ideas, and high-caliber workmanship.

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    Gardens  Beautiful  Landscape Design

    The colours, as well as the enormous variety of design combinations, aromas, flavours, sounds made by birds and insects that are drawn to the plants, and the extensive range of surface textures. Here are some pointers for designing a landscape that is both attractive and functional: Prepare to Make Your Debut. There is a proverb…

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  • Landscape Construction

    Landscape Construction

    Unity, size, balance, simplicity, variation, focus, and sequence are the aspects that make up the concepts of landscape design. These concepts are used to line, shape, texture, and colour in the design process. The cultivation of flowers and other elements of nature, as well as their presentation and enjoyment, are the primary purposes of a…

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  • Landscape Designers

    Landscape Designers

    Landscape Architects To be able to call oneself one legally, you must hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the field from an accredited university as well as a valid state licence. The person traditionally studied at a university recognised by the American Society of Architects (ASLA) and passed the necessary tests to obtain a…

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