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Landscaping FAQ

When Is The Ideal Season To Install A Landscape?

Cycles occur in landscaping throughout the year. In general, spring is the greatest season for starting hardscaping work, preparing and establishing flower beds, etc. 

The majority of significant landscape and hardscaping projects are completed during the summer construction season. Because of the lower temperatures in the fall, planting trees and plants is a terrific idea. 

Through the fall and up until the ground freezes or it starts to snow, hardscaping is also done. A prior endeavor that got underway in the late summer is one such. The patio, sitting walls, fireplace, and other hardscaping elements were all constructed, and trees and plants were placed as well. 

The perennial and annual plants, which flourish in the spring, were then planted in the ground the following spring.Start contacting landscaping contractors in the winter to ensure that your job is completed within the required time range. 

Getting on their schedule at the start of their season in the spring is far preferable to phoning in midsummer when crews can be fully booked through the season’s final days.

How Do Landscaping And Hardscaping Differ?

The design, construction, & construction of gardens and other elements that both provide usable space for outside activities and improve the aesthetics around a home are referred to as modern landscaping. 

Although many people use the terms landscaping and softscaping interchangeably, landscaping comprises both hardscaping and softscaping. The part of landscaping that uses inorganic materials like stone and wooden, retaining walls, decks, fire pits, and other structures is known as hardscaping. The term “softscaping” would then relate to mulching, berm construction, and grading. In the broader Des Moines, Iowa area, Capital Landscaping designs both hardscapes and landscapes.

Is An Irrigation System Necessary?

Although they are not required, irrigation systems can be useful in preserving the condition of your plants and grass. The heavy labour involved in watering is largely handled by irrigation, which also reaches areas of your lawn that you might overlook. 

A hose and sprinklers can be a less expensive option, but you have to manually move the sprinkler about your yard and set timers. However, any choice makes it simple to squander water. In the end, it’s up to you to determine if an irrigation system is the best option for you.

What Are The Advantages Of Mulching Flower Beds?

There are numerous advantages, including:

  • assisting the soil’s moisture retention
  • improving soil health as the mulch decomposition progresses over time
  • By preventing weeds from receiving sunlight, you can help keep them at bay.
  • Depending on the type of mulch being utilised, repelling insects
  • preventing soil deterioration

How Frequently Will You Take Care Of My Property?

Regardless, we offer maintenance as frequently as required for the service in question. This is another aspect that depends on your property and the variety of services you require. Together, you and our dedicated and skilled landscaping crew will establish a regular schedule that can be changed as needed.

What Must I Do After The Landscape Is Finished?

The scenery is never finished. From this point on, things expand and offer various features throughout the year as they undergo a lifetime of evolution. “Sit back, enjoy, and watch it grow,” we advise.

Of course, you are now a member of our family, and we would be happy to provide any advice you might need on fertilizing, pruning, or maintenance needs.